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My names Sarah. I’m from a small town in rural Australia – where I don’t plan to stay the rest of my years, as lovely as it is. I’m destined for somewhere greener and wetter and more English-y.

I'm one of those people that is many things. So I'm going to list them in dot form so I can save my coherent sentences for blog posts ;]

  • My maker business is Handmade Wombat, which focuses on cross stitch products. Why not check out my blog while you're there - I share my cross stitch progress and do weekly reports on my year of starts.
  • I'm a master of the original Spyro games. I replay all the games at least twice a year.
  • I used to role play, and just haven't found the perfect community to start again (please, if you have a place you think I can call home - let me know!)
  • I enjoy colouring in, but have trouble finishing a page. I'm still searching for the perfect pencils.

Finally - and rather obviously - I am a book lover. I lost touch with my inner book for a while, but when I reconnected with her I decided to start a blog to help keep the passion alive in myself.

The other love of my life (besides the books) is my cat Deltora.

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