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Review Request

If you are an author or publisher interested in having an ARC or published book reviewed, please read through the following before contacting Sarah.

Sarah will read books of most fiction genres, and prefers junior, young adult and new adult fiction. Some of her favourite genres are:

  • Fantasy
  • Paranormal/supernatural
  • Romance
  • Contempory
  • Adventure
  • Dystopian
  • Science Fiction

Sarah will pay special attention to Australian authors and books set in Australia.

Self-Published books are accepted.

E-Book and physical copies are accepted.

All reviews will be honest. This means that a review might be less-than-stellar, though it won't be malicious. Sarah will provide the reasoning behind why she did and didn't like a book, to help other readers choose.

All reviews will be posted on the literary wombat blog and goodreads, and shared to facebook, twitter, instagram and bloglovin.

For any further enquiries please email sarah@literarywombat.com

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