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Massive Book Haul (for the past month or so)

Hello my lovely wombies! Wombats? Joeys? idk. I feel like I should have a nickname for my lovely readers. Please, share your thoughts on this situation.

Moving swiftly on. Today I bring you a massive book haul! It's a mix of new buys and op-shop/market finds, and I've been meaning to do it for about 2 weeks. I have another order arriving next week so I really needed to get it out before the amount of books to share went too overboard.The book covers will link to the books library page so you can read all the nitty gritty about them :]

So without any further ado... 



Literally two days after placing this order I had my usual Handmade Wombat stall at the Yanco Markets. When I went for a wander, I found a copy of Page in pretty good nick, and a more battered copy of Lady Knight, for just $2 each!



I honestly only got these because they were under $5. I did pre-order another book, which should hopefully arrive next week. 




There was a lady at the market with lots of her daughters old books she no longer wanted, selling them for ever so cheap. I also picked up a copy of Page and Lady Knight from her, as mentioned previously, so I won't show them again.



The Tomorrow Series I already own, but several of them are older covers. I'll be redonating the old cover ones to the same op shop.


I read the Pellinor Books in highschool and was SO happy when I found the first two at the op-shop. I own the fourth and was planning to buy the rest of the series soon - now I only have to buy The Crow and then, once I finish reading them, I can get myself a copy of The Bone Queen! I've already started reading The Gift. It's funny - certain things I remember from the beginning and end, but I can't remember anything from in between. I imagine as I reread things though it will come back to me.

Anyway, thats my massive book haul! I'll have another one next Saturday, but it will be much smaller than this one (unless I make some crazy good finds at the op shop!).

Have you read any of the books on the list? Of the ones I haven't read (excluding anything my Tamora Pierce), I'm most looking forward to picking up The Dragonkeeper and The Earthsea Quartet.

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