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Crisanta Knight: Protagonist Bound

Title: Crisanta Knight: Protagonist Bound
Author: Geanna Culbertson
Series: Crisanta Knight (#1)
Genre: YA Fantasy Fairy Tale
Publisher: Boutique of Quality Book
Release Date: 10/05/2016
Format: eArc
Links: Goodreads, Author's Website
Purchase: Booktopia, Book Depository, Angus & Robertson

I was going to be a great protagonist. At least that's what my mom, Cinderella, kept telling me. I, however, had my doubts. Unlike most main characters at Lady Agnue's School for Princesses & Other Female Protagonists, I was opinionated, bold, and headstrong. 

Moreover, for a princess, I had a lot of issues. I'm talking vicious nightmares about people I've never met, a total stalker prince, and a Fairy Godmother for an enemy. But I digress. Because here's the thing about living in an enchanted realm of fairytale characters, crazy junk you never planned on happens all the time. One minute you could be practicing fainting exercises in Damsels in Distress class, sword fighting in a field, or flying on a Pegasus, and the next, BAM! Your book has begun and you're saddled with a prophecy that changes everything. 

I still don't know if I will be a great protagonist one day. But I know one thing about my fate, for certain. Despite what The Author and the antagonists have in store for me, whatever it costs. . .I'll be the one taking charge of my own story.

I love fairy tales - Grimm, Disney and everything in between. So when I read the synopsis for Crisanta Knight I knew I needed to read it - and thanks to netgalley, I got to read it sooner rather than later.

I went into the book with expectations of an easy-going read full of fantasy and adventure. While I wasn't let down on the latter, I did find the book to be a little wordy. It's told in first person POV, and there's a lot of emotional processing which tended to get repeated and made it more thought less action.

In regards to the story itself, I found it to be an intriguing and entertaining take on the world of fairy tales. The characters were strong in their roles, and developed well - if not a great deal. The plot was rather slow to begin with due to the amount of world building that needed to take place, but it picked up towards the end which is something I expect will continue in the following books.

Unfortunately, the very end dragged on a bit like at the start - there was a line that seemed to me like it would be the perfect way to end the book, but Culbertson added (unnecessary, imo) bloat to it.

All in all I thoroughly enjoyed this book and recommend it to anyone that loves a good fairy tale retelling. I'll only be rating Cristanta Knight: Protagonist Bound as 31/2  stars for the moment but I expect I'll be rating the following books high based on the first books development.

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