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Burning For Revenge

Title: Burning For Revenge
Author: John Marsden
Series: Tomorrow Series #5
Genre: YA War
Publisher: Pan Macmillan
Release Date: 1997
Format: Paperback
Pages: 274
Links: Goodreads, Author's Website
Purchase: Booktopia, Book Depository, Angus & Robertson

llie has started to believe she won't survive the war. Their band of eight teenage guerrillas is down to five now--Robyn and Corrie and Chris are dead, and only she and Homer and Kevin and Lee and Fi are still trying to sabotage the enemy who has taken over their country. They're growing numb and soul sick from the violence, because they've been fighting for a long time--through four previous novels, actually: John Marsden's Tomorrow: When the War BeganThe Dead of NightA Killing Frost, and Darkness Be My Friend. At the same time, they are normal teens who kid around, fall in and out of love, and think long thoughts about the meaning of life.

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