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A Quick Update

Wow, it's been nearly a month since my last post! Sorry about that. It's been pretty hectic my neck of the woods, what with work and visiting family and reading lots and lots of books.

Also buying lots of books.

I've had some great haul since my last post, but I don't know if I should do a normal haul post of them. I may have to do a post where I just link them, no cover photos.

Because there's a lot.


I aso have a few half-finished reviews I need to finish and share with you. They include reviews for The Wrath & the Dawn, Fangirl, Geekerella and Soulless (as well as the next two in the series by Gail Carriger). 

I've also started reading fanfiction again - I tend to go through phases where it's all I'll read, then I wont touch it for months and months, but lately I've been reading fanfiction and original fiction. I'll go into more detail in my Fangirl review, but you can expect to see fanfiction related things around these parts soon.

Anyway, this post was just to touch base with everything. I'll see you soon with some reviews :]

x Sarah

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